EPP Dynamic Talks – upcoming

EPP Dynamic Talks – upcoming

PRICINGONE is happy to announce its participation in the B2C EPP Dynamic Talks, taking place Virtualy on December 1st at 3pm CET!

Register now for an interesting talk on Revenue Growth Management by our CO-Founder & Chief of Product Samer Gabr.

EPP Dynamic Talks – B2C (Dec 1 – 10, 2020)

4 series of TedX type talks – 100% effective
The new and innovative Dynamic talks are short, dynamic and connecting sessions in varying formats with 2  or 3 speakers. After the sessions there are meet-up rooms with each speaker where you can dive deeper in to the subject and ask questions, discuss together with the speaker and peers and network.
We can describe Dynamic Talks as highly effective live-virtual presentations by pricing leaders, presenting well-formed ideas on how to shape our pricing and revenue roadmap, with a very innovative format & system, in under 20 or 12 minutes, followed by a private meet-up room for Q&A.

Some keywords to describe:
• High impact learning
• Interactive participation
• Short intensive LIVE sessions

These series include 4 dynamic talks. Join to learn about the new trends in different industries working in B2C companies.
All meetups are live, based on a format of 12′ or 20’ expert talk, followed by a live virtual meeting with access from all participants to the discussion room to tackle the top Q&A’s.

Key Topics:
• Implementing Revenue Growth Management: where are you?
• Achieve an optimised omnichannel pricing strategy
• Occasion-led RGM project to step-change business strategy – best practices
• Understanding customer centric value to define your RGM price strategy

Rapid fire talk:
If you are unfamiliar with rapid-fire talks, they are a short energetic presentation of definite length and a great way to pack a lot of content into a small space. At EPP, we allocate our Key Opinion Leaders a 12-minute presentation format to convey a core message and share evidence-based content related to the Dynamic Talk topic to enable the audience to gain actionable insights.

Visionary talk:
Visionary talks are longer narratives from a macro-economic standpoint to inspire and empower others.  At EPP, are Each key opinion leader will have 20-minutes to use a theoretical application to educate the audience, related to the Dynamic Talk topic.

Crystal ball talk:
Key Opinion Pricing Leaders will deliver a 12-minute presentation with concreate real initiatives, case studies and examples. They are short detailed presentations focused on a major point for intensive learning.
The dynamic Talks are the place to learn, connect and network with your pricing community.
We are certain you will love it!

Register here: https://www.pricingevents.eu/events/dynamic-talks-b2c/